The UK Scout Association has issued an update which affects Scouting based on the UK Governments announcement this afternoon.

As a County we are asking our teams to come up with innovative ways to support Scouting so that it can continue at distance. This includes sectional support, training, District support and more. We will be sharing more on this in the coming days.

We would also encourage Groups to look at ways of providing Scouting digitally – online meetings, badges completed at home etc. We know there are some great ideas out there, so please share what you are doing! The Scout Association and OSM are also working on resources. In addition online Scout forums are alive with creative ideas.

This provides an interesting challenge, but Scouting has always been a movement, we adapt and inspire!

Finally, we know with this being a fast moving situation a lot has occurred in a short period of time and it will no doubt affect plans. If you have questions, concerns or just need a chat, please get in touch with the relevant people from the County Team, County Office or your local District Teams – and we’ll do our best to help support (just bear in mind as volunteers we’re potentially juggling our own Coronavirus situations).

We aim to provide further updates, suggestions and information in the coming days!

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The Scout Association has identified over 100 activities from the programme planner to help provide parents and carers things to do with their children while at home. Visit using the link below.


Scouting at Home

Basingstoke East District have created an online tool enabling young people to complete badges at home. It is being made available for Groups across the uk

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                           Badges at Home

Users of Online Scout Manager can take advantage of new functionality being added to assist with completing badges remotely.

Participation in any activity that takes place at home recommended and encouraged by Kent Scouts or any District or Group that are part of Kent scouting are totally under the control, safety and permission of the parent or carers of each young person.Under no circumstances will Kent Scouts accept any liability or responsibility for any accidents; incident or injury to any person or persons or damage to property whilst participating in these activities.


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